Envy Your Body Waist Snatch Shaper (waist trainer/Drip Collection)

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Get snatch with our Envy Your Body Waist Snatch Shaper. This Shaper/waist trainer is made to curve your body and give you a perfect silhouette. Covers your whole midsection, stays in place no matter what form of exercise or activities you may do, Can be worn all day.  Bendable bars that won't irritate your lower back. Easy zip-up when putting it on. Adjustable straps that adjust to your comfort.  The core of  the shaper is 100% latex, lining is 96% cotton and 4% spandex. (IF YOUR ALLERGIC TO LATEX, DO NOT BY PRODUCT.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO TO USAGE)                                          


*neoprene shapers are available as well