Drip Envy Duo

Drip Envy Duo

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Are you ready to Drip? 

This combination will have you dripping sweat like never before!!! 

Our EYB Infrared Wrap is a must have! Not like your ordinary wrap. This "thermal plastic " material responds rapidly to your body heat, creates stimulation, and you will visibly see the drip coming off your body. It can be worn alone or with any of our Sauna Sweat Vest or Waist Snatch Shaper. Goes perfectly with our Envy Drip Sweat Enhancer.  The EYB infrared wrap is strong and durable and it can be reused over and over again. You are able to wrap your thoughts and arms as well! Get more out of your workouts with a EYB Infrared Wrap.

Combine any sauna sweat vest or shaper with our unscented new drip sweat enhancer. Made with 100% organic oils.  Bring your exercise to another level, goes perfectly with our infrared wrap.  It’s time to drip sweat !!! 



- Organic coconut oil

- Aloe Vera plant 

- Organic Jojoba oil

- Organic Pomegranate oil

- Extra virgin olive oil


*** our sweat enhancer comes 4 oz jar only